The Fight Begins

We celebrated the New Year, if you want to call it that, by spending the evening home with our great friends Dennis and Kim Tyger and their son Johnny and our neighbors Melina and Morgan. It was so nice of them to give up other opportunities to ring in 2011 by hanging with us. We were grateful for the diversion and the fact that we did not have to be “alone”. Unfortunately January 4th came way too fast. This was the start of radiation and a day that had brought us so much anxiety since the mask fitting.

We got to IU on that first morning and met the radiation team that would work with Bri, a group of people that Bri would form a special bond with. I think that they fell in love with the little princess. More about them in a later post. As they led us from the waiting room we passed through a set of double doors. Inside the doors is where the technicians would sit during the treatment. There were many monitors in the room some hooked up to the machine to control the radiation and others that were simply video monitors so they could keep an eye on Bri.

We went through another door into the room that houses the radiation machine. Bri was laid on a flat table and strapped down across her chest. She was very scared of this and did not want us to leave her side. They then put the mask on her and locked it into place. Bri did not like this at all. She was terrified and did not want us to go. They assured us she would be all right and we left the room and went out to the waiting room as they lined up the alignment marks to start the first treatment. Angie and I sat in the waiting room and cried and prayed. It seemed forever before they came and got us but in reality it was only about fifteen minutes. We rushed into the room as they were unstrapping her and she was still crying. She complained of a bad smell while getting the treatment and was not happy. We got her ready to go and made our way back upstairs to get the car and just had this terrible feeling knowing that our daughter just went through something that she did not want to do but we had to make her do it. This feeling would multiply itself many times in the coming weeks.

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  1. Scott says:

    Well written.

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