Radiation and the Devil

Friday January 7th was a snowy day. I was in pain from the wreck the day before and we had talked about my cousin Kevin picking everyone else up and taking them to Bri’s radiation treatment. I am glad that we did because he has a large four wheel drive truck and the roads were nasty. They made it to IU safely and Bri received her treatment. She still complained about the smell during the treatment and Angie continued to try to come up with more powerful smells in an attempt to try and take her mind off of it.

Since this was Friday it marked what would become like a vacation for Bri. On the weekends she still had to take meds, actually more than during the week, but she did not have to do radiation so she did not have to go anywhere. Her medicine schedule still forced her to have to get up though. The steroid, or rattlesnake juice as I told you about in an earlier post was an every six hour medicine. I helped Ang out as much as possible but she gets all the credit for making sure Bri got her meds on schedule. Angie sacrificed so much for this getting up in the middle of the night and early morning to administer this huge list. She was amazing at this. She even had to play chemist with the chemo meds as they were in capsule form and were too big for Bri to swallow. Angie had to take these capsules apart and put them in juice or yogurt to give them to her. These were given one time a day at evening meal. As the weeks rolled on Bri’s tastes would change and we would have to change the food or drink we put them in to satisfy her. The chemo meds and the steroid, which also had to go in yogurt or some other item to mask the taste, would become a great challenge as Bri was angry at being awakened and she just did not want to take the meds.

The second week of chemo started and the routine was the same. Bri was already beginning to not want to go and was getting herself so worked up on the drive to Indy that she was making herself sick. I remember one morning that Bri backed herself in the corner crying and screaming that she was not going to get on the table. Angie and I had to drag her to the table and force her to lay back so they could strap her in. It is so hard to make your child do something like this that they do not want to do. This was one of the hardest things to do and it rivaled two other heartbreaking things we had already faced. I always thought I was tough but Angie and I had two conversations with Brianna earlier in this journey that were extremely difficult and caused us much anxiety leading up to them. One was telling Bri that she had a tumor and then telling her that her hair might fall out. Crushing.

Angie asked the radiation team if there was anything we could give her to make it easier and they gave us some pills to calm her in the mornings on the way in. They prescribed a med that wound up working really well but she still had given the Radiation machine a name. She called it the Devil.

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