Take a Step Back

I was so caught up in moving the blog forward that I completely forgot a special event that occurred in January. Those of you that have followed the blog from the beginning have read that I wished I had started this blog long ago so that I was writing things as they were fresh in the mind. We have to take a step back to January 24th, Brianna’s birthday. 2011 brought Bri to 8 years old.

We took her out to let her pick out her cake and she picked out a Spongebob cake that was pretty cool. We would not normally pay the money for a cake that we did with this one but Brianna was getting anything she wanted from us. She was having to go through some much that there was no way we were going to deny her some happiness. She deserved to smile and laugh after all. She still does. We joked about the fact that she would be expecting to get what she wanted the rest of her life and when she got to high school we were going to be in big trouble.

This thought was not far off from something Bri had said earlier in January. We left radiation one day and we stopped at the Steak and Shake on 135. They were still running the peppermint shake special for the winter and while we were eating Bri asked if she could have one. We told her we would see and to keep eating and we would decide when she was finished. As she got closer to finishing her food I got up from the table and went and bought her the shake. When I got back to the table Brianna saw it and she looked at Angie and said, “This is weird, you guys get me everything I ask for.” Angie and I started laughing and Bri piped in again, “What are we rich or something?” This brought about more laughter from all of us. Then, she put the icing on the cake when she added, “We’re probably going to have our own limo!” This laughter came at such a needed time. Every smile from Bri and every sound of her laughter is a gift. We miss it so much.

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