Major Battle Won (Part II)

On this MRI day, August 19th, we were blessed to have a friend, Melissa Faulkenberg, visit in the hospital. She had sent us a message asking if we would like company as she felt that no one should be alone during that time. We were glad to have her as it has already been stated how much anxiety and fear we feel during these times.

When Brianna recovered enough in the recovery room after the MRI we got her dressed and went upstairs to clinic so that she could receive her chemotherapy. When Brianna comes out of sedation she is a monster and today was no different. She also has very little control over her muscles and she feels like a big piece of rubber when you pick her up. We went up to clinic and went to the infusion room. As Brianna received her treatment her primary oncologist stepped in the door. I could have sworn that the air left the room. He looked at us and said, “I am surprised to be telling you this but her tumor has significantly shrunk.” The air stayed out of the room for me. All I remember saying is, “Praise God!” The air seemed to fill the room rapidly. A few tears filled the eyes in the room but we were all elated. Sometimes we wonder what the kids understand and it was quite clear that Brianna definitely knows what is going on. As we all celebrated, even through a few tears, she began to cry.

Dr. Pradhan asked if we would like to see the scans and we said no. I do not recall if I have ever revealed to the readers of this blog but since the beginning we never wanted to see the scans. For me, the only way that I can explain my reasoning is that I don’t want to see the vile, disgusting thing that is hurting my daughter. I don’t want to “put a face with it” as they say. Melissa, who is studying nursing, admitted after the doc left the room that she wanted to see it and we said we would give permission for her to see it but before we had another opportunity to ask she had to leave to pick up her kids. The longer we sat there Angie became more and more curious and decided that since he used the word significant that she wanted to see it. I was really surprised but I told her to go and look. She went and the Nurse Practitioner, Jane, that she wanted to see it and they took her into their office. They first showed her that scan from December that was done with the initial diagnosis and then the scan from this day. Jane was telling her that the results they were looking at were not what they typically see. When Angie told me this I told her she should have told them we did not serve a typical God.

We were on cloud nine. God had answered prayers and we had just made a huge leap and won this battle. There would be more battles to fight on the way to the war but this battle had to be considered a victory. The tumor was not gone by any means but to get shrink out of this type of tumor, the worst there is, was a victory. It was time to march on.

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1 Response to Major Battle Won (Part II)

  1. Jamie says:

    looking so forward to hearing the news that it has shrank again….. it will come….. there are more victories coming. We do not serve a typical God, Steve- you are exactly right! Amazing how things must have felt in that room….. what an incredible moment for you all…..

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