Bri Makes a Wish

On November 3rd we entertained two young ladies who represented the Make A Wish Foundation. They came to the house to interview Brianna and find out what her wish was going to be. It really is a good experience for the child as they came bearing gifts and really talked to the children. Unfortunately for them Brianna was unable to tell them all about her wish but we had been trying to get ideas from her in the days leading up to the visit. During the session we let Tori be Bri’s spokesperson and she did a great job. Tori would ask Bri different questions and Bri would either shake her head yes or no or give her sis a thumbs up or thumbs down.

As they waded through their list of questions that would end up tailoring the wish to meet Bri’s desires it became very emotional for me. On one hand I was touched at the love and care they were taking with the girls and on the other hand I was feeling the hurt that just knowing she had a reason to be granted a wish brought. A child’s Disney trip should be because the family wanted a vacation not because the child has a disease that could very well take their life down the road.

I also felt guilty. I had put this meeting off for months. We could have requested a wish alot earlier in the sickness but I wanted to wait. There was a voice in the back of my head that felt like if I bought into this wish that I was buying into the fact that Brianna could die. I put it off, selfishly, for so long that she had to take her trip confined to a wheelchair and on a feeding tube. How could I have done this? My heart was shredding then and it has not gotten any better. I cheated my daughter out of a more enjoyable trip by my refusal to do this sooner. I continue to struggle with this today as I type this and pray that Brianna forgives me.

The meeting lasted between one and two hours. Tori walked Bri through her wish and she requested to go to DisneyWorld. Weeks before she was wanting to go to Disneyland but Maeci and Gracie had gone to Florida and Bri decided to change her mind.

The Make A Wish ladies explained that when they returned to the office the next day that they would start putting all the data together and would estimate all the associated costs. They would then seek funding for Bri’s wish. Over the years I had been under the impression that the organization had a pool of money that they granted wishes from. That is not true. They obtain the request, plan the trip, and then seek donors to send that child on their wish trip.

As the ladies left, we were all excited. The hard part now was waiting to see if the wish was granted.

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1 Response to Bri Makes a Wish

  1. Jamie says:

    Steve- we can know confidently that ALL things happen in God’s timing. We don’t know why it is yet, that Brianna took her trip in December…. but God will reveal it to us some day, I am certain. It isn’t your fault that Brianna visited Disney World in a wheelchair…. this was in God’s plan or it would never have happened that way. That being said, I understand your guilt and I would probably feel very much the same in your situation. Of course, you should be aware, that I am so grateful that your trip was taken when it was or I likely would never have been able to tag along for two days. Looking forward to the next blog, as always….. thank you for telling her story….

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