Praying for Lane

Welcome to all who have found your way over here from the facebook page, Prayers for Lane Goodwin. For those who just stumbled by here Lane is a thirteen year old, awesome, courageous young man who is fighting cancer. Our family prays for him daily, but we also pray for his family as we know the fear and struggles that his parents and siblings face every day. We would love to be a shoulder to cry on or an open ear to them, and we will if they reach out.

What you are reading is the story of our beautiful daughter Brianna who lost her battle to a brain tumor March 21, 2012. She fought a courageous battle for fifteen months before God took her home. She changed lives here on earth and Angie and I firmly believe that the Brianna Lane continues to mention is our Brianna, still doing God’s great work. I bet she is a beautiful angel.

Brianna used to fix her gaze past our faces and giggle. She could not talk anymore so she could not tell us who or what she was looking at but someone was there. We believe that her own angels were here watching over her.

This blog is a labor of love. We pray that you will stick around and read it and share it with others. We want to let other parents know that they are not alone. When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you feel  like you are on an island but you can see the world go on about the daily business at hand. They move quickly and your life feels like slow motion.

I am slowly catching this blog up. I started it many months into Brianna’s treatment and since her passing I have not done a great job of keeping it up. I commit to doing better and being a voice. Please take the time to go back and start from the very beginning. And please, every day, say a prayer for Lane and his family.

Steve, Angie, and Tori McQueen

ALWAYS lovingBri!

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5 Responses to Praying for Lane

  1. Shelly Mays says:

    Thank you for sharing Bri with us! Love you guys!

  2. Lauren says:

    Lane was also brought to my attention this morning and I immediately thought of our precious princess. It warmed my heart to know that she is watching over others!! #always&foreverlovingBri

  3. Aunt Lennie Dooley says:

    I so enjoy your writings Steve, Bri was so loved by many and she did change so many lives, Thank for having this page……

  4. Debbie (Ringer) Cornelius says:

    Your post was so beautiful I hope you can find the time to continue as you have a real art in writing and conveying your feelings. I know having lost a child that Bri is there with all of you each day. It is our memories daily that hold our children who have left us close to us. Some days it brings tears and other days laughter. You all have been so strong by sharing your feelings and I am sure you are helping others who have lost or will soon lose a child. My best to all of you.

  5. Briana says:

    My name is Briana, and I have brain cancer my daughter oddly is named Angelina she is five years old and I as her mom is only 24. I cried over your Bri because, I am a mom and I am going through this also I pray for a cure for the future of the world of no cancers and so children can live life to the fullest… No child should die :,< I wish I could have helped I want to help St. Jude one day with this cure… Children are the world to me because, my daughter is my world and I am fighting this C word off with all of my might. Please know I feel the heat of the C word but, I fight it off with power of prayer Jesus saved me on Clavary hill on the cross, and God made me so he did your Bri your Angel I believe she has a reason to be up there to help these doctors push for a cure no child should die in the dawn of life and Bri lives on in you but, she is still with you as a pretty Angel… I cried with you and everyone over this but, positive I will fight tooth and nail to get me cured so that the future children of God can be cured to live also I will fight this and win… I got too much to live for and be thankful for… I am a breathing still for a reason well to help save others by making me the fighter for the cure for all I will do what it takes by cure and donation… Brianna's story made me fight harder to keep my head up to keep on fighting with all my strength. That Angel baby of yours is watching over you with the big man upstairs with Jesus… You made a beautiful little person whom fought and lived her young life to the fullest as she could what a strong child that Bri of yours… Man just look at her smile and just laugh…. God bless her what a true trooper her battle might of been lost but, the war doesn't stop Bri's story will spread so I pray for this cure I pray I can help with this with my body and live and pass this cure on no one's life should have a price on it life is priceless because how could anyone put a price on life? Bri I will remember your story for a very long time. Princess is Bri a true Princess smiles and fights also puts others happiness first as bad as Bri as a child wanted to cry she fought as long as she could for her family and smiled what a Princess… I am crying wow amazing little girl. Merry Christmas from my family to another family.

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