Hello. Thank you for checking the site out. Our family will use this blog to tell our recent story, beginning with a major lifechanging event. My name is Steve and my wife is Angie.We will be the ones that will update the blog, hopefully on a steady basis. We live in the Indianapolis metro area and we have four children. Rachelle is 20 and Derek is 18 and they are from Angie’s first marriage. I have been “stepdad” to them since the ages of 4 and 2 respectively. Angie and I have two girls, Tori who just turned 9 and Brianna who turned 8 in January. Rachelle also has a daughter, 3 year old Jaelynn, making us “Mams and Paps”.

We were enjoying life like your typical family, some ups and some downs, never dreaming that we would wind up where we are right now. Future posts will provide more detail but on December 21, 2010 we received news no parent expects but every parent fears. We were told that Brianna had a major medical problem, one that could potentially take her life. The next post in the blog will explain what caused us to take Bri to the doctor and what her ailment is.

This blog is an escape for us. It allows us to express our feelings and hopefully may be discovered by other parents in similar situations. It helps to know that you are not alone in the trial you face. One thing that we must remember though is that we are never alone. Sometimes we forget the one who never leaves us, but believe that God is with you at all times. We must not forget to call upon his name and seek him for our strength and comfort.

Thank you all for reading the blog. If you know anyone that may benefit from reading this please share it with them.

Steve and Angie

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2 Responses to Introduction

  1. Arlene Saucedo says:

    Im at working reading your blog about ready to burst in tears. my heart hurts for you Steve, Angie and the family. I know this journey all to well. I will follow your blog to read the end of the Story about a God sent miracle! Stay faithful, stand strong we are all with you on this journey. Love you Mama Sauce.

  2. harmony mccart says:

    i just wanted to tell you that your good parents to all the kids and its good to be there with them and loving and caring as both of you are and steve your a good guy as well as a boss too whish you luck with the family too

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